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Our Mission

The WHOLE Dad Lab, at NC State University, seeks to highlight the experiences of fathers in support of healthy and happy families. Our team examines barriers and facilitators to father involvement across a variety of domains. It is our goal to understand how these factors impact fathers’ health and well-being, child outcomes, community supports, and overall family functioning and engagement. We utilize qualitative, quantitative, and participatory methods to explore fathering from a holistic biopsychosocial perspective. 
Our Mission

"TEAMWORK is the ability to work TOGETHER toward a common VISION"

Dr. Qiana R. Cryer-Coupet
Principal Investigator

Dr. Qiana R. Cryer-Coupet is an Assistant Professor of Social Work at North Carolina State University. Her program of research focuses on the intersections of child and adolescent health/mental health and paternal involvement. She is particularly interested in examining these intersections among families that are engaged in informal kinship care. Her research on issues related to father involvement, kinship care and child/adolescent mental health has been published in journals such as Children and Youth Services Review, Family Process, and Psychology of Men and Masculinity. Qiana teaches research methods, program evaluation and human behavior theory in the MSW program at NC State. 


lab members

- Maayan Eaves

- Starr Gibens 

- Nicyah Gravely

- Tirrezz Hudson

- Toinette Powers

- Lindsey Rosen



lab members

- Mckenzie Stokes

Stephen Gibson, M.Ed

- Emily Kouba

Lab Alumni

- Quadeshia Batts 

- Robyn Bess*

- Achaia Dent

- Kimberly Fields

- Beth Gaudette, MSW

- Vincent Lella, MSW

- Casey MacKey, MSW

- Katherine McCallister, MSW

- Charice Putnam, MSW

- Kallyn Tall

- Rayne Torres

*web and graphic designer



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