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Legal Resources

Legal Aid of North Carolina's free child custody clinic teaches participants how to file a child custody action in court without an attorney. We will also discuss visitation. We provide a packet with legal documents and an instructional video (see below). At the end of the video, participants can ask general questions to a volunteer attorney through a webinar. Specific legal advice is not provided at these clinics.

Clinics are located in many N.C. counties. If you do not see a clinic in your city or county, please check the surrounding counties in your area.
Provides background, resources, and tutorial video assistance on how to understand the parental & custodial rights in the North Carolina legal system.

The Access and Visitation Program is a resource for non-custodial parents to seek access to and visitation with their children.

There are five access and visitation coordinators in six judicial districts that work directly with non-custodial parents who want to have visitation with their children but have limited or no contact with them.

The coordinators assist non-custodial parents in removing barriers that prevent them from visiting their children
Are you are single parent? Are you a grandparent, other relative or friend of the biological parent of a child that lives with you?  If not, you should have one. Help your child have a stress free childhood.  The File It Yourself Clinic! (FIYC) assists you with the preparation of the necessary documentation needed to obtain a custody order to help prevent those unexpected custody dilemmas.​
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