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Undergraduate Students

Toinette Powers

Toinette Powers is a senior earning her Bachelor of Arts in Psychology and International Studies with a minor in Spanish. She is a first-generation student from Thomasville, NC. She is a Ronald E. McNair Post-baccalaureate Achievement Program Scholar. Her research interests revolve around black families and how a child’s experience can impact their life decisions and psychological wellbeing as they get older. In the future, Toinette plans to earn her PhD. in counseling psychology and to travel the world as a traveling psychologist while also fostering meaningful relationships and making long-lasting, monumental impacts on different communities. 


Tirrezz Hudson is a senior earning his Bachelor of Arts in Psychology with minors in French and Women & Gender Studies. He is a Ronald E. McNair Post-baccalaureate Achievement Program Scholar. His research interests include: studying group-based behavior for black men, understanding how sexuality is viewed within the racial contexts of blackness for men, and how religious affiliation affects mental health for black, gay men. He aspires to be a social psychology professor with a focus on masculinity and sexuality.


Starr Gibens is a junior earning both a Bachelor of Political Science with a concentration in Law and Justice and a Bachelor of Communication with a concentration in Media. She is a first-generation college student completing her first Undergraduate Research experience as a Research Assistant with the Black Family Project. Her research interests include but are not limited to racial socialization, political socialization, intersectionality, and criminal justice system experiences.


Nicyah Gravely is a second year student majoring in Criminology. She is a member of the Students Advocating for Youth (SAY) Village, serving as a mentor to local elementary school students. Her research interests include, exploring father involvement and suicide among African American adolescents. In the future, Nicyah is interested in becoming a psychologist.


Lindsey Rosen is a senior earning her Bachelor of Arts in Psychology with a minor in Criminology.  She plans on pursuing a career in forensic psychology hoping to eventually gain a PhD in forensic psychology and become an advocate for many victims especially ones who’ve experienced trauma.  Her research interests include the specific traumatic experiences that nonresidential fathers experience and the criminal justice system’s involvement in the research.  Political socialization is also a research interest of hers.



Maayan Eaves

Maayan Eaves is a senior double majoring in Communication with a concentration in Media and Art Studies with a concentration in Theater. Maayan currently supports the Fatherhood Research Lab as the media strategist, maintaing our website and social media channels.

Graduate Students

Graduate Students


Stephen Gibson is a second year doctoral student at Virginia Commonwealth University. He graduated from North Carolina Central University (NCCU) in 2016 with a B.A. in Psychology. While at NCCU, Stephen also served as a member of the football team. Since graduating, Stephen has been working in the WILD (Wilbourn Infant Lab at Duke University) Lab as a project manager/research assistant. His research interests include: the effects of sociocultural factors on racial identity, masculinity, and fatherhood.


Emily Kouba is a second  year MSW student, currently interning with Gatespring Consulting, a consulting firm that works with substance abuse agencies across the country providing evidence-based programming solutions to increase their effectiveness. She is deeply interested in child and family trauma and hopes to work with underserved families in a clinical setting in the future. 

Jerica Knox

Jerica Knox is a 4th year PhD candidate studying school psychology at NC State University. A first-generation college student from Georgetown, SC, Jerica earned her B.A. in psychology at the University of South Carolina and her M.S. in school psychology at NC State. Her research interests include trauma-informed programs in schools within a culturally responsive framework as well as the etiology of positive future orientation in low-income children.


McKenzie Stokes is a doctoral student in the Applied Social and Community Psychology program at NC State. She entered the program in Fall 2017 after completing her B.S. in Psychology and B.A. in African-American Studies from Virginia Commonwealth University. Her research interests revolve around the role of family dynamics, specifically parental support and racial socialization, on minority youth and adolescent development.

Lab Alumni

Lab Alumni 

Quadeshia Batts 

Robyn Bess*

Achaia Dent

Kimberly Fields

Vincent Lella, MSW

Casey MacKey, MSW

Katherine McCallister, MSW

Kayla Palazzo

Kallyn Tall

Rayne Torres

*web designer

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